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1062 Rinderer Rd., Highland, IL 62249

(618) 654-5472

Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Expert Masonry Contractors for the Highland IL Area!

Are you looking for quality masonry contractors to help with repairs or renovations you need to be done at your home? Driscoll Brick Work is a family-owned-and-operated masonry business, which has been providing the Highland Illinois area with the very best in brick and stonework services for fifteen years. We have a staff of reliable, longtime workers who will fulfill every need you have. Each customer is our top concern; we want to ensure all clients are satisfied with our work. Call and see how we have been making people across the Metro-East area happy since 2001.

The types of bricks you’ll see us using include:

Building Brick: Also known as hard, common, or kiln-run brick, this unit is made from ordinary clay or shale and is fired in kilns to form the solid brick. Harder and more durable types of building bricks are more favorable, as these bricks are typically used as the backing courses in either solid or cavity brick walls. These bricks have no special shoring, color, markings, or surface texture.

Face Brick: These bricks are of better quality and are more durable than building bricks and are used mostly in exposed wall faces. They commonly come in color shades ranging from brown, red, gray, yellow, or white.

Clinker Brick: This unit is made by over-burning it in the kiln. Clinker bricks are typically rough, hard, durable, and occasionally come in irregular shape.

Pressed Brick: A dry-press process is used to make these units, rather than a kiln. This gives them regular, smooth faces, sharp edges, and squared corners, which makes them great for use like face brick.

Glazed Brick: During the kiln-burning process of these bricks, mineral ingredients fuse together to form a glass-like coating, which gives one surface a white or colored ceramic glazing. This makes these bricks perfect for use in walls or partitions that require sanitary conditions and easy cleaning.

Fired Brick: A special type of clay that is pure and uniform is used to make fired bricks. This clay can withstand the high temperatures of fireplaces, boilers, and other similar constructions. These hand-molded masonry units are usually much larger than other structural bricks.

Cored Brick: These bricks are not much different in strength than solid bricks, even though the two rows of five holes extending through each of them causes a significant reduction in weight. They also have the same resistance to moisture penetration as solid bricks. In fact, cored or solid bricks can often be used interchangeably, depending on building requirements.

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Masonry Services We Provide:

Our commercial masonry services include:

  • Concrete Construction
  • Patch and Repair Services
  • All Phases of Brickwork Or Stonework
  • Block Work of All Styles
  • Masonry Work, Both Structural and Decorative
  • Natural Stone, Cast Stone, Cultured Stone, Facades, Veneers, Paving, Retaining Walls
  • Construction and Repair of Fireplaces and Chimneys

Our residential masonry services include:

  • New Construction
  • Masonry Repair
  • Stone Construction
  • Brick, Block, and Stone Exteriors
  • Brick or Stone Masonry Restoration, Remodeling, and Alterations
  • Kitchen Brickwork and Stonework
  • Stone Entryways
  • Fireplace Construction and Repair
  • Retaining and Knee Walls
  • Steps
  • Privacy Walls
  • Structural Walls and Foundations
  • Stone Veneering and Facades

Visit our Facebook page to view examples of Driscoll’s exemplary masonry contracting work. Then, give our courteous staff a call to discuss your next project!

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Masonry Contractors Highland Illinois

We provide a wide range of masonry services for both homes and businesses. We have the skills to help with just about any job you can imagine. Whether you need remodeling or repairs, we have qualified professionals to get the job done right the first time! No matter what you have planned for your next project, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the results you get from us!

The Methods and Materials our Experts Utilize

The brick masonry units we use in our projects come in a variety of forms and compositions. These units can be solid, hollow, or architectural terra cotta and can serve structural or decorative functions – even a combination of both.

At Driscoll Brick Work, we believe that quality bricklaying depends on two concepts – workmanship and efficiency. Efficiency, simply put, means producing your work in the fewest motions – there should be no wasted movement. Every move a craftsman makes must have a purpose focused on a clear goal. We feel that once a builder learns the fundamentals, they should develop methods on their own to ensure the greatest efficiency possible in their work. This includes the arrangement of their work area to keep them continually supplied with brick and mortar, as well as planning all that they may need before the work begins, such as scaffolding requirements or other specific equipment.

This commitment to workmanship, efficiency, and quality is what we expect from all of our craftsmen – and it’s what you can expect when you call on Driscoll for your masonry needs!

Call today with any questions, or get a free estimate

When you call us, you can rest assured that your repairs and remodels are being done by licensed professionals, from a business that is bonded and insured. Whether you’re trying to complete a big project or small additions to your home or business, we have the professionals that can help you. Additionally, we accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks for our services. Get started on your next project with the professional masonry contractors at Driscoll Brick Work!

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Masonry Contractors Highland IL

We provide service to Highland, IL, Troy, IL and the surrounding communities.

Driscoll Brick Work • 1062 Rinderer Rd., Highland, IL 62249 • (618) 654-5472

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